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buildings are two-storey or three-story small buildings. The walls of the house have windows on all sides, and the roof is pointed and covered. The overall layout is Obviously, Gao Changxuan is much wider. Surprisingly, the husband who lived in Hubei said that this is because the local temperature is hot and hot. The four-sided windows are conducive to ventilation, and the overall height of the house is also open. The pointed clamshell is equivalent to the insulation layer Wholesale Cigarettes, and the top layer is unaccepaid that the most important thing to go out to travel is to relax and embrace the purpose of enjoying the scenery and scenery, otherwise it will violate the original intention of travel. Think about it, this is the essence of travel. When I arrived at the Xiantao service area in Hubei, the drizzle became the raindrops of the beans. Seeing more than eleven o'clock, we went in for a rest and stayed for more than half an hour. When I took the heavy rain again on the itinerary, I found that on the high speed, I didn��t know when a long-distance car flow formed, and the car crawled slowly on the road like a snail. Thinking of the departure, my friend said that it is estimated that the road will be blocked, and I can��t help but worry. At this speed, the holiday is over. I wonder if I can arrive? We even made plans to temporarily change the itinerary. Fortunately, when the car arrived in Qianjiang City, the road finally cleared. Jingzhou soon came out. We arrived in Hunan and saw that we were getting closer and closer to our destination. Our hearts were a little bit excited. But the new problem has come again. There was no high speed before Jingzhou to Changde Online Cigarettes. Now there is a high speed in the Turkic, the navigator has no memory, and the service area has not yet opened. I can only walk all the way to observe and judge. It feels like entering a no-man's land. I don't know where the front is. I finally caught a person on duty at a junction. After I asked, I knew that the route was correct and I was relieved. At this time, there are still 270 kilometers away from the destination. We found that there is not much oil. We will come down in Linyi City, Hunan Province. Just bright and bright days, suddenly cloudy clouds, moments of pouring rain from the air, the road quickly accumulated feet of deep water, the car drove through the splash of water and misty rain and fog constitute a beautiful dream world. After the children joked that it was a magical world for more than ten minutes, we returned to the high speed again. The sky is magically bright and shallow, and the darkness of the "black cloud pressing the city to destroy" is also swept away Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Only the raindrops of the big beans fall from the windshield on the front of the car from time to time, which proves that the heavy rain is not a dream. Perhaps the kind of heavy weather has passed, and the heart that just relaxed is quickly drawn by the scenery outside the car. I don't know when, the eyes are full of a large piece of green plants, about one meter high, the whole shape is like a yurt or an open umbrella, the leaves are pointed or elliptical, with white flowers. The mountains are everywhere, and the roads stretch for dozens of kilometers. We are suspicious that this is the famous Xiangxian in the world. In Hunan, except for Xiangxiang, there should be no such spectacular and large-scale plants. But we have never seen it, just guessing it. Through the slightly opened window glass, I seem to smell the rich floral fragrance, and the suspicion is an illusion. But immediately relieved, thinking that Xiangtang is sweet and delicious Marlboro Gold, its flowers should also be aromatic and fragrant At 3:30 in the afternoon, we finally entered the boundary of Zhangjiajie City. As a famous tourist area in the country, the route signs are obvious. At this time, there are 170 kilometers from the destination, which takes about one and a half hours. Everything has been determined, and our hearts are extraordinarily easy. In the "Charming Xiangxi International Cultural Square" in Zhangjiajie City, he made a short stay and listened to the sound of wearing the forest, why not scream and Xu Xing. Bamboo stick mans shoes are lighter than horses, who is afraid? A smog of rain and rain. It is expected that the spring breeze will wake up, and it will be slightly cold. Looking back at the bleak, returning, there is no wind and rain. Deeply sigh: life is always a mood. This word is actually a daydream of the author's indifference and detachment. It is said that the author has thrown away the dust and stands proud of his own spirit. And travel, why not, it is the scenery in the eyes, and the feeling is actually in the heart. Like us, we travel long distances and experience the erratic changes of wind and rain along the way. It must be miserable in the eyes of others. But we have a taste of it. Just like the "no storms and no clear" realm, so calm, so happy as friends said, the bright scenery is always far away. Then, let's go! Going deeper!

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